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- Wednesday, November 26th, 2003 Like Share

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albert mc Farlane Nov 27, 03
is it possible that no one who writes these reviews knows how to use a word processor???? even printing sideways i have yet to find a review or news report that doesn't truncate text because the writer is totally unable to understand that printers have physical limits on how much can go on one line. instead of showing off your abilities to throw around phrases how about getting some writers who understand the basics of writing a column that can be printed without omiting words. i'm tired of writing in words and phrases the printer could not print even though i always print sideways because i know your writers were all grammar school dropouts and are unfamiliar with the word margin!!!!
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TheRipper007 Nov 28, 03
Nice Review..


I don't think that was a good Video Card Comparison..

A Fair comparison would be using a Radeon 9800 XT instead of that Regular Radeon 9800.. Since the GeForce FX 5950 Is the Top of the Line Nvidia product. So the Top of the Line from ATI should have been used for the comparison

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Redemption Nov 28, 03
Yeah the proper comparison would be against the XT. Unfortunately ATI's still backed up on the 9800XT and we haven't received our review sample yet. As soon as we do though we're going to be doing a general shootout anyway .


You might want to check out the Printer Friendly version of the article:


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crimsona Dec 6, 03
I take offense at being called a grammer school dropout. I only dropped out of junior high!

But seriously, the website was designed to fit your screen, not fit your printer. That's what the printer friendly version is used for...

Fair or not, the only way we can review a 9800 XT is if ATi actually sent one to us. Until I learn how to summon one out of thin air, I can only use what we have.
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