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- Thursday, October 23rd, 2003 Like Share

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Cheesysoapopra Nov 20, 03
The 3.9 drivers are great.. They actually let me Overclock my card more!
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grips Nov 21, 03
I have read many a review on the 9800xt and the 5950fx. I'm sorry to report to all nvidia fans out there that ati has clearly won overall in the graphics war(for now). I'm not doggin nvidia but these are the facts: the 9800xt outperforms the 5950fx in MOST benchmarks. The 9800xt only takes up one slot whereas the 5950fx takes up 2. The 9800pro even beat out the 5950fx in some benchmarks. Finally BOTH cards are WAY overpriced. I've seen an ALL in Wonder 9800pro for less then 300 usd. I currently own a 9700pro(which was a gift:)) and have been extremely happy with it and have no intention of buying anything until i see a substantial performance increase and there is NO WAY i will spend 500 on a video card when it will be outdone in 6 months or less. As i said the ati has the smaller faster(in MOST cases) and cheaper card then nvidia. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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