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- Friday, October 26th, 2001 Like Share

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GuruX Oct 27, 01
You guys had perfect timing with this review.

I'm actually looking for a new digicam myself (something with an optical zoom -- a feature my HP 315 lacks).

I actually did take a quick peek at some Fuji cameras at a local computer show this week, and the 4800 did seem like a reasonable choice.

One question I had though, was whether the reviewer might be able to e-mail me a few high-res pictures that were taken. That way, I can print off a few 8x10's for myself to see the overall quality when the images are printed out.

My e-mail is gurux@shaw.ca .

I did enjoy the review though -- learned a lot about the camera overall.
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Entity Oct 30, 01
GuruX, i've emailed two High Res Pics form the article to your email account. Enjoy!

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alan wingfield Oct 15, 02
please, can anyone help. i am a windows NT user with a "hama" media card reader installed as a parallel port. NT does not give me rights to load finepix software, so have had installed this software by those with administrative rights.

the problem i have is intermittent and not solved by reinstalling the software. every now and then, when beginning to download pictures from the media card, the navigation menu should promt me with a sub folder called 100fuji, in the dim folder.CDim folder. the problem is the 100fuji folder rarely appears at all so cannot download my pictures.
My support desk has helped search for a parallel driver for the finepix 4800 zoom camera without success, or without finding a suitable help line either?

can anyone help?

patiently going mad

alan wingfield
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