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- Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003 Like Share

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Cheesysoapopra Sep 2, 03
Im just gonna come out and say it.. if you want a budget gfx card.. get a radeon 9100.
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ChaosMaster Oct 2, 03
Here are my comments,
1. Most of the cheap FX5200 are 64bit mem. bus.
They are slower than 9200.
2. Most of the 9100 are also on 64bit mem. bus also
it scores lower than 9200 and also have active cooling.
So 9200 is best, for me only 128bit 9100 or 5200 (400mhz)
is better. but 9100 is on active cooling. And
520 (128bit/400mhz memory) is much higher priced (15-20$ or more).
3. Most important! Most of the experienced salers
keep quiet about the (64bit/333mhz shit on 5200) until they ship your card and you find yourself with 5500 (3dmark) 70$
card stuck in your pc. (even Albatron do that)
That sucks big time. Some MX owners go way better even without running most of the tests.

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