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- Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002 Like Share

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Walker Apr 6, 02
I have had too many problems with this device to list them all here. I probably made the mistake of buying this product when it first came out.
There were boot problems. The KVM caused certain keys to not work properly, causing freezes, etc. Belkin finally put some flash downloads on their site, so, in the face of ambiguous instructions, I installed the flash upgrade. The KVM, however, refused to reset, emitting a continuous squawk. This rendered the KVM useless. I had to abandon it, along with another Belkin KVM which I had purchased previously that had no USB support. Next, I will test Belkin's warranty policies.
I would like to hear Gavin's opinion on the text of Belkin's instructions on using the flash upgrade.
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Bormed May 1, 02
i found alternative which has no problem what so ever. the problem is the price, and is sold in UK. see their website on www.blackbox.co.uk model number is sw622. I have a spare one that can sale half price. 4 port digital never been used. You can contact me on +44 (0)7904353685
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bigwill Aug 30, 02
For many choices of KVMs, see: http://www.kvm-switches-online.com/. For a guide, see another company: http://www.kvm-switch.com/
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Seattle Steve Jan 20, 03
Gavin mentioned that he used a Logitech Trackball that was USB-based. I have the same in an Orbit Trackball that is USB-based with a PS/2 converter. I just purchased the Belkin USB->USB model (F1DS104U) and I'm having USB keyboard problems.

My question for Gavin is how did he hook up the USB trackball to the device? Can we assume he used a PS/2 converter?

I would seriously consider returning the "U" model and USB keyboard that I bought in exchange for the "T" model if it would handle my trackball.
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Bob K May 16, 05
I had the same problem where the [Scroll Lock], [Scroll Lock] sequence did not seem to work (this with the 2-port version), and this was a new device (alas, I tried it too late to take advantage of the store's money-back guarantee). I tried a few different keyboards, and it didn't help. But it was a lot more reliable after I unplugged the mouse !

For my purposes this was OK. I am using this KVM to share the monitor between a PC laptop and a PC desktop. The PC laptop will use the monitor to extend the display. So I am actually using this more as a video switcher than a keyboard switcher. I ended up plugging a USB wireless mouse directly into the desktop, since if you're not going to plug in a mouse, you are free to use any kind of mouse you want, and you no longer have to restrict yourself to the 2-button standard drivers as Belkin warns in the product manual.

So, apparently it's actually the mouse connection that can confuse the switching. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG and Belkin should really test their products more thoroughly, but at least you can try my workaround.

Still, if I knew it was going to be this difficult, I would have simply bought a USB 2-port KVM with a manual switch.
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