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- Wednesday, April 17th, 2002 Like Share

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Dan Altick Apr 19, 02
Very good article. One of the best I have seen so far. I own an EPoX 8K3A 1800+ XP mobo. I would like to know if I should set the multiplier when upping the FSB clock or if I should leave it set to AUTO. My CPU clock speed is 1553MHz. I'm just not sure what to set the multiplier to when overclocking? This is my first AMD mobo? I have learned quite a lot since I bought it. Also I tried putting my DRAM in TURBO mode but it locked up when logging in to WindowsXP. Shouldn't I be able to use TURBO mode. I even tried raising the DIMM voltage .1 at a time, but it still was locking up. I have PC2700 DRAM. If I put the DRAM in TURBO mode but leave the FSB alone, can I expect increased performance? If I put the DRAM in TURBO mode, do I also need to overclock the FSB? I still seem to have a lot of unanswered questions. Even after reading many articles. Please help? Thanks.

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dosmastr Jun 14, 02
dude looks like you got a prob there someplace.

those settings usually overclock the bus -- but only a small amount, usually its alot of memory timings also.

setting it to turbo will likely bump up your bus by a few (probably 5 or a little less) mhz a small enough overclock to usually not cause any issues, but big enough to be noticed on benchmarks. so if your rig can't handle it your ram might be to blame or your proc, or maybe something else perhaps a NIC (they have the worest overclocking record)

were you one of the guys to go out and got some of the first pc2700 ram released? is it a big brand like crucial(micron) or a no name?
if you did get it really soon after release chances are that manufacturer barely got the ram to hit 166mhz but did get enough of it to sell as pc2700, but nothing higher (not even any more aggressive timings then spec) also crucial is known to be good for overclocking and for reliability, a no-name brand's quality could range from crap to just as good as a name brand, but with really new tech its usually not quite as good.

if you can, try some other ram, or a diff proc, or easier yet, try your ram in a different board, see if you can push that board with timings and bus speed or not.

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