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- Sunday, January 20th, 2002 Like Share

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Philo Mar 18, 02
Accurate assesment. Have had mine 1 1/2 years. Unit ceased to function after @9 months (I did a no-no). After several frustrating months of poor tech assistance they hired a new man. The unit was repaired and upgraded at no cost. Audio and midi recording work to my complete satisfaction. Latency has not been an issue with the newer drivers. The record level control is decidedly HOT! An additional eq device or control seems to be an easy fix for this very minor problem. I still get by quite well without one but eventually... Again after my initial despair the unit works very well for this dinosaur guitarist who was computer illiterate 3 years ago. I use it with a Toshiba Satellite 2675DVD laptop, Guitar Studio 2 software and an inexpensive velocity sensitive keyboard for the midi. It more than meets my needs.
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joao Apr 18, 02
quote Entity
We've posted Daryl's review of Ego Sys' Wami Box. Take a look & let us know what you think.
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sqgl Mar 12, 04
Manufacturers EgoSys seem to have given up supporting
this dud altogether because they do not mention
it on their products list (

Despite what they say about a "hotfix" for XP
I have not been able to get it working with XP
even tho I have legit XP-SP1.

Also, the recording level is anything but hot.
It is way too low;a serious bug.

Newer drivers no longer let you use the
onboard FX and onboard sampler.
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MalcolmBradfordPike Jun 17, 04
thought i would share an email I sent to egosys concerning the wamibox (not that they read email or anything!)
EMAIL TO: egosys tech support
SUBJECT: the last shovel full of dirt...

So you finally stopped promising a new driver for the WamiBox… I see you don't even list it as a current 'product' of yours anymore. For at least some of us, this is newsworthy – or at least worth a few moments of sarcastic reflection… I bought one three years ago, and in all this time, that's the first thing I've seen you do that actually makes any sense.

Just for fun, lets review:

Horrendous tech support. Beyond bad. Nothing to do with 'technical' or 'support'. But I'm not going into detail about this issue, because it really makes me angry. (Which would be wasted time while NOT having fun. Forget that!)

Let's move on to things I can still laugh at – for example: those abominable software 'upgrades' – yeah, right – hold on – I've got to catch my breath! Upgrades! What a riot!.

You actually released 'updates' that progressively got worse – each time. Version 2 simply didn't work for many of us – some people say it worked for them, well okay ( so it was "half as good" as the first version --so let's call that version POINT 5. You know: ".5" Half. Get it?).

Moving on – or back – or down – it's hard to say – but you insisted on calling the next atrocity "Version 3" – which we all know now was a major mistake that you overlooked and ignored much too long, doing nothing as many of your users went on wild goose chases, wondering why they could no longer 'multi-track' record. Your initial, so called 'documentation' made vague statements like 'most of the software no longer works but do this or that or go eat lunch.' Uhh, very helpful. And how about the main screen of the software disappearing? There once was a mixer that actually made some sense, then all of a sudden it became two knobs that did, uhh, errr, well, -- NOTHING USEFUL. What was it? Something crazy like 'echo' or 'reverb' or some joke like that? In place of our inputs and outputs and mixer and EQ's and all the rest? And aren't we all dying to understand 'why' you did that? Of course we are:

When you finally had to admit the 'shortcomings' of VERSION THREE, you did it in an unapologetic half-assed way and still attempted to convince us 'it was supposed to work like that'. It's quite painful to remember isn't it? But let's do it anyway:

"It's only for DJ's. It's not for recording."

What? That was one of the most lame excuses for a major screw up I've ever heard. DJ software? You mean for all those hip hop DJ's with their notebook computers hooked up to their EGO SYS WAMI BOX VINYL SCRATCH AND SNIFF systems? Master WAMI's in the house tonight!!! Yes – that's correct -- I'm suggesting what you said sounded so beyond absurd that it may even be worthy of a Rod Serling's Night Gallery episode. The horror of it all might even upset him.

But see – I'm a reasonable person. And for all I know, thousands upon thousands of DJ's have and love wami boxes. (snicker) But if you really meant to create dedicated software for those 'masses', we all know it would have been "WAMI BOX DRIVER FOR DJ's VERSION ONE". Not: "Hey everyone, here's version 3 of the Wami Box. It's EWDM and it's awesome, it's just what you've all been waiting for." Give me a break.

So let's recap, shall we? Version 1 (which was a good place to start, and in hindsight quite an amazing accomplishment) – then on to "Version POINT FIVE or v.5 as some prefer. And finally "Version ZERO DOT ZERO". Because it did not work for anybody. Anybody that actually wanted to use it for multi-track recording which, as we ALL KNOW, is the only reason anybody bought the thing. So you 'lost yards'. You did a count down. "One" "A Half Of One" "Nothing" INCREDIBLE!!! But that's the way it went. Accept it. Those are the facts – you went backwards. I wonder, did you actually get younger as this all took place? That might even make it all understandable.

But wait! We haven't gone over your grand finale, and the worst thing of all! The announcement concerning the flatulent stain known as version 3, was something like: 'wami customers should all bend over and grab their ankles now! Once the position is assumed – stay there, and don't move or speak. We will make everything right if you just wait."

and wait…
and wait…
and wait…

and – oh never mind – we don't make, sell, support, or admit to any of that. Interested in on of our new products???? Yeah right. What's it been now? Almost two years?

It's been clear for most that time you were making false promise after false promise and that you repeatedly misled us just to make us 'go away' and not 'bother you'.

Shame on you.

Here's the real deal: you should have simply admitted your mistakes, and been open and honest about there being little to no chance for any more upgrades. Reasonable people, like myself, understand the volatile nature of the computer business, and I assume the advances in USB, among other things, rendered the WAMI BOX, a thing of the past. I get that. All you had to do, was be up front and tell it like it is. Instead you chose the path of the shit that is bull. I hate that path – don't you smell it? The initial product, the wami box hardware, with version one of the driver, was a decent idea at a reasonable price. Your treatment of a sincere and well meaning customer has been atrocious – and I wanted you to know that. What good it will do, isn't the point. Perhaps though, having more faith in your customer base, and being honest with them as a rule, might be worth considering in your future endeavors. If you hope to have a future that is.

And if I've got a fact wrong here or there, I couldn't care less. In fact – I hope I am wrong about several things – none in your favor either. That's what you get for ignoring me, or brushing me off with little to no answer or explanations when requested, and for simply being rude. And all those other things I already wrote. In fact, I'm thinking it would be a good idea for you to reread this from the start, don't you?

As for me – (let's just pretend you could give a shit) -- Today is a good day -- because I know, without any doubt, that I will never go to your website, or give your products a second glance, ever again. This was my last shovel full of dirt to cover up the mess that is you. Never to be seen, or smelled, by me again.

I have to hand it to you though, you did succeed at one thing!

Making me 'go away'.


(One last thing, to whoever's reading this, I suppose none of this was your fault and you are probably a hard working nice person – so no hard feelings and nothing personal to you. You might consider forwarding this on to 'supervisor number 3' instead of simply deleting it however – and I must suggest the following: if you don't know how to swim, you should learn fast, because it's pretty obvious that ship is sinking! Good luck anyway!)
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