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- Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Like Share (1)

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ParanahJoe Apr 8, 10
It also survives a full wash cycle in the laundry as well. I use mine for my mp3's in my car, I had brought it in one afternoon to switch out some songs and left it in my jeans. Needless to say my mom found it. I let it dry for 24 hours eventhough they're waterproof I think and it's still working fine.

I now have the 2GB GT, by far the fastest usb2.0 drive out there, the 4GB and 8GB drives. I highly recomend the corsair flash drive product line.
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tekmosis Apr 8, 10
I have the 32GB corsair voyager and it seems pretty slow to writing; I was seeing 4-6mb/s transfering a 1.6gb file.

Isn't the Xporter XT faster than the GT?
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