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- Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 Like Share

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hiigaran Jul 12, 12
if i may make a suggestion, id suggest that the next time a headset, or a set of speakers are reviewed, a frequency sweep is done on them to see if the frequency response really is as advertised. speaking of which, 100hz is a pretty high frequency to begin on. in any case, im not really a fan of wireless stuff because of their batteries (which of course is something that cannot be fixed unless we get wireless electricity).
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Cryonicstate Jul 12, 12
Thank you for reading our reviews and the suggestion!
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hotheadheat Jul 13, 12
Thank you for a great review. I havf been looking for a new headset and i think this has helped me make a decision.
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ashantiqua Jul 13, 12
itd be interesting to see them compared to some comparably priced 'hifi' cans, too.

hifi ftw
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