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Core 2 Duo E2160 - Budget dual core on review - PAGE 1

- Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 Like Share

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teodortenchev Sep 14, 07
Is this processor so bad that it can't be used with any newer games? All of the games you tested it on were old.
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Legendary SSJ Goku Sep 14, 07
From what I know about it. It's a great CPU that comes in cheap and can be overclocked to get a bit of power.

And yes, it could be used with newer games at lower settings OR afer a bit of an overclock.

It has been seen betting the e6600 when clocked nicely.

One of these and PC6400 ram is a great budget combo which will last for several years as when the comp gets that slow feel, then the cpu be uped.

400 x 9 = 3.6ghz... hence you can really get some nice clocks.

That is just my opinon.

Very good review. Covered many fields. Adding a new game or to... maybe BF (cos of its cpu needs)...

Overclock it and then give it a go.

Very nicely done. and a great chip.
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Iceguy2003 Sep 14, 07
That's the games that I've mainly always seen used here at this site. I remember seeing Jedi Knight and thinking 'wtf'? But, I guess those are more stressful on the CPU. It would be nice to see maybe two newer games on there now and then. Even something like a CS:S Stress Test. I like places that do CS:S Stress Test or that FEAR benchmark because I can also run the exact same thing at home on my system for comparisons.
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bhenning Sep 14, 07
Hi guys,

Yes, we are using old games - quite deliberately.

In these processor reviews we are concentrating on the *processor* performance, which means low resolution, low/no aa/af, so that the processor has the greatest impact on frame rates. We have been using the same old set of games for years, which means we have a large database of results for all sorts of processors - so, for example, you could go back and compare a socket 939 Doom 3 low res score to an E6750 overclocked result, and see the potential benefit of an upgrade at low resolutions.

At high resolutions, the GPU matters far more than the CPU, and we do test with new games in our video card reviews.

Hope this helps!
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teodortenchev Sep 17, 07
Thanks for making that clear. I'm buying a PC in a few days and was considering assembling it all by myself. I know I don't have all the required knowledge for that but google is always there for us, so I could find an article or two where I can learn all I need. Sure I've taken my old PC appart a few times and unplugged everything there is inside but that's not quite the same, I wouldn't want to break something I just bought
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