CoolerMaster 850W Real Power Pro PSU Review - PAGE 2

- Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 Like Share

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Anonymous Dec 14, 06
God, 6 months ago 600w was it's mediocre. 750-1K is high-end atm. With the over-the-top gfx cards being released, I don't imagine the need for these power houses is misplaced.
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The Slayer Dec 14, 06
yeah, just 6 months ago I bought me a 550 watt ultra X2 connect, and I thought that was a high end power supply. already it seems old and under powered with all of these 1K watt supplies, I have 4 harddrives, a dual core processor, 2 disk drives, a 6800 PCIe, a sound card, a video catpure card, 5 fans, and a bunch of other crap. 550 watts is PLENTY of my system.

I have yet to see what would require that much power. yeah, these new high end graphics cards require some extra power, but a 1,000 watt power supply to power it!?!

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