Computex 2010 (Part 2) Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, June 11th, 2010 Like Share

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1.Starting with the babes...
5.Titan, Aerocool, Tacens
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Gravity Jun 12, 10
Hmm, I'm sorry I feel like something's missing.
I didn't really understand the point of the fan controller videos. The fan was set lower and the temps didn't rise at all lol.

So we round up with Biostar? Nothing good happening at Asus, Gigabyte?
Is there anything good and exciting coming from the more prominent players in the market?

The wrap of with Tacens was at least ok.

I'm sorry, just not feeling the love with this segment as much.

What did AMD and Thermaltake have lurking in their booths?

Maybe you are under time contraints so I don't want to seem to hard I guess. I just want to see more, lots more

Take us with you to computex. Show us everything!!!
Maybe u can revisit with a disguise and tell the girls you are with girls gone wild