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- Monday, February 12th, 2001 Like Share

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Entity Feb 13, 01
Hi guys, Kenwood PR just forwarded me their press release from January 6 when they introduced the KDC-MP8017 & the Z828. If you were wondering about the specs on the MP8017, here are a few that we got in:

The Kenwood KDC-MP8017 CD/MP3 receiver is an affordable alternative for those who want their in-dash receivers to read MP3-encoded CD-R and CD-RW, and standard CD, CD-R, CD-RW discs plus Kenwood-exclusive features. The MP8017 uses much of the same MP3 technology as the Z828, including the use of increased speed with which the player accesses MP3 files, and improved embedded ID3 tag reading.

The faceplate uses a 12-character dot matrix, high-resolution LCD color display, with a white LED backlight. To keep the faceplate safe the MP8017 features the anti-theft deterrent D-MASK which offers the ability to manually rotate the faceplate for self-hiding or remove the faceplate altogether and place it in the included carrying case.

Additionally the new MP8017 includes a higher maximum power output, with a maximum power rating of 47 watts x 4, and a full bandwidth power rating (less than 1% THD) at 22 watts x 4.

The MP8017 can also handle CD changer control duties, has an optional remote control, and can control the optional heads-up display, sensor unit and compass.
The Kenwood Excelon Z828 will have a MSRP of $650, while the KDC-MP8017 will have a MSRP of $360. Both models will be available in January through authorized Kenwood dealers.
We'll get those two products into the system as soon as we can...

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Dayna Novello Oct 2, 02

While the review of this unit is right on, people need to know that the truth of the matter is this unit is a piece of junk. I purchased one just over a year ago from CarToys in Lynnwood(near Seattle) Wa and had it installed by them. I declined the extended warranty. A decision I am now regreting. Just a few months past the warranty period, my Aiwa no skips on ANY cd-r; no matter what the sample rate, etc... It has been cleaned very well, and I have tried different blank cds, but to no avail. It plays regular silver cd's fine, but thats it. $300 down the drain for a little over a year of listening pleasure. NOT cost effective. Buy a Pioneer or Alpine and be satisfied...
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