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- Thursday, September 7th, 2000 Like Share

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Samson Sep 7, 00
The watch looks cool, but who wants a portable player with such short battery life? I bet as the battery gets older the player starts becoming more and more useless.

A great idea, but just another product that's before its time.
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Ether Sep 8, 00
most of the emails I get about MP3 players usually revolve around battery life, music quality, and "value". I think the Casio watch is cool, but as far as "value" goes, I think there are many other MP3 portables that go beyond it.

However, I think that Casio has done an amazing job with the watch, and I think they can only improve here on out.
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Opus Jul 1, 01
My mum won one of these in a competition, so my family think it's great for nothing (but then again what isn't?)
As for paying cash for it, I wouldn't pay as much as the RRP, I'd wait until it got a bit lower if I was a cyclist or a jogger.
It's a fairly good watch (and let's not forget, this is all inside a watch!), so in that respect it's great, and it's good at doing what it sets out to do: a nice alternative for joggers and cyclists etc.
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