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Canon S800 Colour Bubble Jet Photo Printer Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, May 4th, 2001 Like Share

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Bart Jun 18, 01
It would be most helpful to have some comparative information between the S800 and S600 for both general-purpose color repro and photo-grade repro. I'm particularly interested in the presence (or absence) of the additional Cyan and Magenta inks:
- what effect do these extra 2 inks have on both kinds of repro?
- can the S800 print in the _absence_ of these two cartridges?

I'm also curious about why lighter C/M inks in inkjet printing; if memory serves the new hexachrome offset printing method uses different 5th and 6th colors.

Thanks for any help you can provide; please CC: my email directly in addition to posting online.
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jsc Jul 12, 01
I have not been able to print a photographic quality print on glossy photo paper (as good as lab print quality). I'm using photoshop, scaling the image size to 10.5 inches in the long dimension (on standard Letter paper) at 200 dpi, using the highest quality settings. Images come out with a strange fine-grain scale-like texture all over them; skin looks like it is lizard skin. Very discernible.
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nhf7170 Jul 17, 01
to JSC:

My guess is that you are not printing on Canon's photo paper. The S800 is very picky about photo paper. The only third party photo paper I've used with any success is Pictorico's premium photo glossy paper.
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jsc Jul 18, 01
You were right, I was using HP photo paper. Canon photo paper results were much better. Clearly not Fujix continuous tone dye sub quality, but still quite nice. Anyone know of any other papers that will work?
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RC Rice Nov 10, 03
I have the S600 at home and the S800 at work. The 800 has two extra (photo grade) inks. Cannot tell any difference
in photo print quality. In my estimation, and we do print lots of photos with both, the extra inks are unnecessary. Also, the 600 has a larger black ink cartridge.
Also #2, the refill inks from Sam's club are as good as cannon's, much cheaper and very easy to refill. However, I have experienced a problem with the 800 I would like for all my fellow Canon users to help me with, if you can.
The blue ink on the 800 bleeds or siphons into the black ink cartridge so that my first page of text is blue fading to black. Has anyone else encountered this problem. Please respond, if anyone even reads these.
Thanks a lot y'all.
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