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- Thursday, January 8th, 2009 Like Share

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Shadow of Death Jan 9, 09
Oh, so that is why Crysis isn't there.

I really do think Crysis (though substituting in Warhead isn't a bad idea) is an important benchmark (and will be, for a while), since it has bloated requirements.

I mean, for pretty much every game on the list, the FPS when the resolution is maxed out, with AA, is just gravy. You're, for the time being, paying extra for legligble performance gains. Just because the best card gets like, 30 or more FPS over the worst performer, doesn't mean much when the worst performer gets enough FPS that it produces smooth gaming.

Crysis (and to a lesser degree Warhead) is a GPU pounder. Being able to run Crysis at high resolution, with AA, and good FPS performance would allow this GPU to show it's worth (assuming it could do that with Crysis, which you think it would be able to).

But you couldn't help it, what with Crysis DRM not playing nice >_>
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kspiess Jan 8, 09
A short, lame story is behind that. I had to re-do my benchmarking systems. I switched from Vista 32 to Vista 64 and had to re-install everything, right. Well I ran to some DRM hiccups with Crysis. It was quite aggravating so I abandoned it.

I've kicked Crysis to the curb now. Instead, *surprise surprise* it will be replaced with Crysis Warhead, for all the new benchmarks.

I'm also adding a demoscene demo, 'Raiders of the Lost Art', which makes a good bench. So that'll be 12 total benchmarks, which is where I want to be.

But ya, short story is: It's all my fault.
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linkrox Jan 8, 09
No Crysis testing?
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