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BFG GeForce 8800 GTS Review - PAGE 9

, Tom K
- Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
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Tom-Rallye May 4, 07
I am building a new PC with a budget the spec is below:

Hard Drive

Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATA II 7200RPM 16MB Cache


Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13Ghz) Socket 775 FSB1066 4MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor

DVD/CD Drive

LG GSA-H42LBL 18x DVD±RW DL/RAM Lightscribe Internal - Black Bare OEM


Asus P5N-E SLI 650i Socket 775 Onboard Audio ATX


Antec Basiq Power 500W ATX 12V PSU


PCICASE CS2600-BKS1 Hyperline II Black/Silver ATX Tower Case - No PSU


Corsair 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Performance Memory CL5 1.9V Matched Pair with Heat Spreaders

Graphics Card

Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium x64Bit OEM 1PK DVD
£71.66 (Bought with hardware)

Xerox XM3-19W 19" Widescreen (1440 X 900) 5ms 800:1 Black 'plug & play' TFT Monitor


- £10 off for orders over £30
- Free delivery on orders over £89

Bearing in mind that I am not a hardcore gamer, and the PC is primarily for Uni work - but I would also like to be able to play Call of Duty 4 as well as possible when it comes out.

What is your opinion of the BFG card in the setup? I think the price difference between the GS and the GTX make the GTX far too expensive.
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Tweaker Mar 20, 07
Well the drop to 65nm was a last minute decision because the heat from the R600 @ 80nm was a joke so they shrunk it around beginning this year to try save much time possible and actually release a solid high end card that will easily match whatever Nvidia throws at it with its revised 8800. Plus not to mention the market would have been flooded with new skus which AMD would hate to waste money on removing them just to update in such a short time like the X1800 cards getting replaced by the X1900. Time will truely finish off the rest of this story but AMD should have a monster of a gpu on their hands.
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Iceguy2003 Mar 20, 07
I mean, I'm all for ATi. I like my last Nvidias that I have owned, but I am still ATi at heart. It's just that this is a long wait for a card that was supposed to match the power of the 8800GTX. Is it really going to match it? Or is it going to be something superior? It just seems odd to wait this long to bring it out if it will only be equal with the 8800GTX. But, it is the start of new and better things to come with 65nm technology, at least.
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Tweaker Mar 20, 07
Yeah well dont just expect only the R600, look for the rest of the line to be launching probably around the same time. Amd is ramping it new gpus @ 65nm right now so the wait is definitely worth it this time around plus theres a great possibility of a full launch 2 weeks after its release date or announcement day they claim that it launches. Im not fan-boi'n out, Im just waiting for the technical good stuff thats just around the corner. This might sound crazy but my R600/65nm dream came true because my thoughts werent too off with 80nm being ridiculous for the size of the beast.
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Iceguy2003 Mar 19, 07
It's kind of funny. We were waiting on ATi to bring out their next lineup back in November... and here we are in March, waiting on ATi still.

ATi really screwed up if the R600 doesn't absolutely demolish the G80. Well, sure, some hardcore ATi fans are still waiting on the R600, but come on, I'm tired of waiting on it.
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Legendary SSJ Goku Mar 18, 07
on altavista all you find is the thread.. then you can look at the posts in the thread.. and it clearly says november 2006 on the post before your first in this thread.

And secondly, the mods will yell at you if you start bumping up threads 2 years old...

There are rules against that. So you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to bump up any thread you want.

In fact, i think you had to agree to compling with the rules when you joined... so you really shoujld have had a look...
You should seriously read the rules before making a comment like that (3 years...pff)
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SpencerUk Mar 17, 07
well in all fairness...i searched altavista and this was one of very few i could find on this card..on altavista you cannot define how old threads are so ner ner..and i have a right to comment if its 2 years old, 3 months, 1 day or whatever.

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Tweaker Mar 17, 07
This thread was last responded to about 4 months ago so its not too old SSJ... I second ANT.

Also R600 is gonna be 65nm which was why it was delayed so AMD could make some power savings, ramp up the core speed possibly, and prevent transistor leakage that was heavy @ 80nm.
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AllNamesTaken Mar 17, 07
Why reply?
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Legendary SSJ Goku Mar 17, 07
seriously mate, this thread is 5 months old or so.

Please don't post in threads that old unless it is really necessary. i.e. user system threads etc...

And lots has changed since this thread has begun.

For a start.

Kilgore mentioned a die shinkage.

The G90 core coming out later this year while have a 65mm core.

Th R600 may have the same sizec ore.

And the G100 coming out in Q1 2008 for nVidia will be even more effecient.

The 8800 card prices have gone down.

This thread is old and out of date, please don't bump it.
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SpencerUk Mar 16, 07
im getting the GTS version as soon as it comes in stock at www.ebuyer.com

the fact that the games i want are going to be direct x10 is a major factor for me...thank god i kept with my X550 for a while.
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Tweaker Nov 11, 06
Even a better value. Link
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grayfox2 Nov 11, 06
[H]ard|OCP did a review, the 8800 GTS and GTX destroyed the 1950XT. Heres the review:
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Cheesysoapopra Nov 10, 06
Best value Look that that, wow.
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