be.ez LArobe 8.9" Netbook Case Review

Author: Gabriel Vega
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Friday, October 30th, 2009
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Portable computing is a trend that is growing strong; netbooks of all sizes are available at popular retail chains and giving a new demographic of buyers a chance to work on the fly.  As with all laptops, protecting these systems is important.  be.ez has come up with a new line of sleeves to protect such investments.

The LArobe line delivers a cushioned design using Low Resilience Polyurethane for the shell so it can travel with ease in a backpack, briefcase or just in the palm of your hand, with an extra layer for support.   The construction is impressive; often companies speak on their construction quality but testing says otherwise. 

In this case (tee hee), the LArobe was able to take a rough test and keep a sleek shape.  Without the unit inside, I was able to do a weight test on the case using 10 lbs., 45 lbs. and for an extreme 190 lbs.  In each case the body of the LArobe came back into shape without signs of dents or damage.  Against 10 lbs. of weights and small rocks, the LArobe pushed the impressions into the shape of the case, but after about 5 minutes all the dents had vanished as the Polyurethane returned to its original form.

Our unit fit a number of 8.9” notebooks, including the Aspire One and the Inspiron 910, and be.ez reports the Fujitsu Amilo MiniSize and HP2133 fit in the sleeve as well.  The LArobe also comes in various sizes for portable devices and laptops; DS users can even get a sleeve that covers it in the same dense shell to protect it from scratches and damage.  Basically the case spreads shock from most angles thanks to the snug fit and inner lip to help buffer jolting.

Our impressions from the case are definitely good.  The chances of sudden impact stressing and cracking the screen are much lower, with pressure dispersed throughout the top and bottom of the case, around the device inside.  Taking impacts in a wave ensures that devices have a lower chance of being damaged. 

With various sizes it seems like someone could outfit their entire system with matching cases to protect sensitive parts.  Fit for students and professionals, this case takes a beating and keeps going strong.  Books, tight locations, nuclear disasters -- it seems nothing can defeat this case.


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