Barcelona Launch: Quad Core from AMD Review - PAGE 3

- Monday, September 10th, 2007 Like Share

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2.Quad Core Opterons
3.What's Next?
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Iceguy2003 Sep 12, 07
I am curious to see how they overclock when they become mainstream. I remember when C2D's came out, and everyone was going on about their overclocking ability. The C2D's set a new standard for extremely good overclocking. We used to volt to hell and use wild cooling just to get our A64's to 2.7ghz (+/- .1 ghz). Now these C2D's are running 3.0, 3.2ghz, and some even higher on stock voltages. I wonder if these will be anything like that, since they are Opteron quality. Opterons were always good overclockers (there were exceptions).