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- Thursday, October 24th, 2002 Like Share

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AlejoB Jan 14, 03
I have been looking over some reviews but I´d found that all of they are made without a tv output quality and features of this card, like tv out chip, available resolutions quality of the image, fit to tv screen and all that things..

Does someone knows about one review that take care of that?

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ectobuilder Jan 22, 03
Anyone who has a Radeon9700 (pro or non-pro) or who has experienced it, can you guys play DVD-RIP?

My Radeon9700 seems to have trouble with transitioning effects (i.e. when one scene fades to another. It seems to not refresh fast enough thus the "Old" scene remains while the "new" scene comes up, so the picture looks cluttered with different scenes.

I am assuming it is my Radeon 9700 that is causing this.

I run WinXP Pro, I tried both WindowsMedia Player 9 and 8 and I tried other players, one called RVCDPlayer. But nothing worked, I also ugraded to Catalyst 3.0 and DirectX9
I also have 512MB of SDRAM
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