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- Friday, August 23rd, 2002 Like Share

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skaterdude9 Sep 18, 02
i think you should spend your money on a better card, like a gefroce 4 ti 4200 only 119$ at www.pricewatch.com!
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Martin J. La Grange May 4, 03
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your review. Having recently bought one of these cards, I can honestly say that the review totally justified my expectations. It is super zippy card fr small money, and has really pleased me so far. As a dedicated propellor head, I run the Radeon on a daily basis, and it performs smoothly, without glitches, and with beautiful colour and the most stunning lighting effects when running FS2002 - I can quite literally see reflections from the ground and sea in the skin of my aeroplane !

As someone wo started when in computers when flight sims truly began - with subLOGIC's Jet 1.0 - I can honestly say that the graphical abilities and sheer beauty combined with sublime realism of today's hardware never ceases to amaze. Owning some of this wonder electronics is a real pleasure and we are very priveledged to live in a time when home computers are producing average graphics which were once in the domain of supercomputers not so many years ago. The Radeon is proof of that, with truly stunning performance at ludicrous resolutions also - truly a must for gamer who wants it all on a small budget.

I find it a wonderful piece of kit - two thumbs up, way up !

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dvrocc May 4, 03
I also have a (BBA) ATI Radeon9000pro that I bought last year around July and I am very satisfied with its value and performance, yes it is a budget card and it is also a little slower than its big brother the Radeon8500, But it does pull its weight well. I was curious about the benchmarks with an AMD 1.67ghz since I have a P4 2.0ghz. The game "Serious Sam: Second Encounter." is graphic intense with bombs all enemies flying, running, walking, shooting and coming out of the trees about 30 of them at one time and that is hard on any video card and I play in a resolution of 1024x768-32bit with 4X full scene Anti-aliasing and 16x Anisotropic Filtering. With the ATI CAT. 2.5 divers and the software supported "Tru Form n-patch" the characters looked real good and when I did the SSE "Graphics/Video Test" I was amazed at the Hardware T&L and ATI has done a real good job, BTW software supported Tru Form doesn't work on anything less than the Radeon9000pro. Radeon8500 doesn't need it.

Upside: Good performance for a budget card, Hardware T&L is amazing, The software supported Tru Form N-Patch works great on characters they look more realistic, easy installation with Intel chip sets, video options are easy to set and just leave them alone.

Downside: Lacking software bundle, card will work best on a 1.6ghz or less AMD or Intel CPU, time consuming driver installation for NON Intel chip sets (SIS, ALI, VIA etc.) needs a "virtual gart" driver to function with NON Intel chip set MOBO.

Overall I am on a budget so this is the card I got and I am very happy with it.

BTW, Overclocking is great for this BUGDET card. The Ram is clocked at 274mhz but rated at 300mhz and its overclocked to 310mhz, The engine is clocked at 274mhz but not rated and its clocked at 310mhz. I have a Radeon7500 and the engine is clocked at 290mhz so I figured the engine on the R9000pro is good for at least that speed. I have yet to overclock my card even more with the Ram sinks but I am going to wait for my 3DMard2001SE to come in then I will go from there. I have finished with my home made Ram sinks and I have taking pictures of the before and after but I don't have a scanner to get them on the WEB, I am also working on my WEB page and there you can find pictures of the beginning to end of my PC including video card MOD, soon you will see everything.

I also give this card two thumbs up!
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