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- Thursday, May 10th, 2001 Like Share

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snn47 May 26, 01
I thought nice of someone to look at Firewire since I found neoseeker by accident. Now my feedback

0. not to important but the link didn't link for me error 404 (IE5.5)

1. It would have been nice to have some details about the card e.g. manufactorer of the controller and the supporting IC used, so everyone could compare it with their own cards and to know which generation the controller comes from.

2. No test or sentence about FireNet (1MB) http://www.unibrain.com. It allows to exchange data between 2 PC through IEEE-1394.

3. That you can add on IEE1394 up to 64 devices

4. Cable-length presently up to 4,5m without repeater....

5. That you can upgrade most IDE drives to IEEE1394 just by putting them in an case with IEEE1394 Interface (2.5", 3.5" and 5,25" cases) or complete HDD, CD-R(W) Scanner Video-Digitizer .....

6. It's great for a fast backup on a HDD with IEEE1394 if you don't have much time at hand.

just to add a few other nice possibilities.

I have been using IEEE1394 just for a few weeks and so I am relatively new and looking for knowledge and tips. But if this review is typical for others ....
Just a good start and a lot of words without substance. IMHO not enough to convience someone of the benefits of IEEE1394 and invest into IEEE1394 components instead o USB.

PS:I have so far only the Maxtor 80GB IEEE1394 kit, used the interface for my ABIT KT7A-Raid and a Sony Vaio 600MHz 128MB with ILink (just 4 Wires without power).

Really just H O T plug and play in a running system (disconnect from the LapTop and comnect to the standalone or the other way around without any BSOD so far)and that's another
Just insert card activate in Hardware in Win98SE, and running since. The external drive is according to Sandra much faster then my internal LapTop HDD despite the HDD-IEEE1394 interface adding overhead and lowering achievable speed.

This message was edited by snn47 on May 26 2001.

This message was edited by snn47 on May 26 2001.
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Gene Forster May 26, 01
I don't think the point of this review is to convince anyone to get a firewire card. The reviews here are geared towards people who know a little bit about the subject, so I assume that the author assumes you are already looking for a firewire card when you read the article.

But those are great tips you mention!
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snn47 May 26, 01
Guilty to the point that I am convinced of the performance of IEEE1394 and potential of IEEE1394b while I am not of USB in any Version, 1 or 2.

The way I understood the question was for constructive feedback, so the quality can evolve and not a simple thumbs up or down.

I can appreciate the time and enthusiasm that any article requires, not to mention the work on the test setup. Most of the time you receive at best some positive or negative comments, but only once in a while constructive criticism or technical feedback, because that requires that you have to take the time to think before you write it. While in general it's more convenient to remain quiet rather then taking an active part.

So I think it's now up to the authers of the reviews to take an active part again.

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