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Coolermaster ATC-210-VX2 Case Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 Like Share

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Moots Jun 20, 02
quote Redemption
I think Moots can relate to my lack of enthusiasm for something that compomises my music quality hehe .
It's down to the old thing of "which is the best" vs "which is right for me" - everyone has different needs. I've got another thread on the go re the quietness thing...

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Redemption Jun 19, 02
Personally I would have thought the price would curb the rating - seeing as how pricing can really make a difference when you decide just how much to plonker down for your rig.

When I took a look at the case my first impression was "cool!"... then I thought that some of the coolness was not too practical, like the swing out door, which is yet another thing for me to break by accident. That and the fact that it has a fan on the TOP of the case, which is not good for me because I place my system on the floor, just to the side, and that fan would add a lot more noise to my work/play environment - I think Moots can relate to my lack of enthusiasm for something that compomises my music quality hehe .
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Moots Jun 19, 02
Well, you asked for comments

The review is more of a brief overview and while it's an interesting read with nice pics I'd have liked information on the case's cooling abilities (seeing as Coolermaster dub their cases "Active Thermal Convection System") as this is one of the case's central features. Usually with cooling comes noise, which is another aspect which deserves to be commented on.

Also, more info on installation such as how the drive bays are organised (for example whether they use rails or not, can the orientation be changed) and the amount of space you have internally for mods/kit (watercooling, space consuming mods and "extra" HDs) would be useful.


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