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ASUS VG236H 3D Monitor and NVIDIA 3D Surround Review - PAGE 2

- Monday, October 18th, 2010 Like Share

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aberkae Oct 20, 10
$500 is the regular price ive seen it for $450 for an asus monitor with nvidia's 3d kit. @ mwave.com, the experience is still cheaper on the pc vs console! $450-500 for 1 monitor, around $1200 for 3 screens and 1 kit. $1500 for 3 screens and 3 kits.
For 1 kit/screen you need at leats one Nvidia gpu, you can buy a gtx 460 today less the $200 added to your current computer. For 3 screens and one kit you need at least 2 gpus that's around $350 for 2 gtx 460 1gig version. So for under $1500 ( with bargain shopping ) you can experience 3d vision surround @ 1080p x3 screens and 1 kit with 2 gpus added to your current pc!
Consoles cheapest 3d lcd without 3d kits is $1500 add $400 for 2 pairs of glasses.

Pc is still the better and cheaper experience!
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