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- Monday, June 13th, 2011 Like Share

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1.Introduction - What is an UEFI?
2.Closer Look - ASUS' Implementation
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zeroday1 Dec 30, 12
I have to say that I also agree with the fact that people who don't know what they are doing should not mess with the BIOS...That being said...one could only stand to benefit from taking some courses at school...like the old saying goes, "Knowledge is power."
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Adam Sep 5, 13
At his point I'm fed up with efi. To many restrictions. Can't do a system restore. Won't fix MBR with cmd thru repair disc. Won't boot Linux. Now grub is stuck in the MBR and it's not possible to fix. Boot order has to be in a certain order now since grub is on MBR. Have to boot to windows boot manager. The 3D bios and GUI is just stupid and isn't needed. They don't need to look how it is. Maybe just so it functions yet still is easy to look at. Mouse also lags while in the "BIOS". Diffrent brands have whole diffrent UEFI setups so it's difficult to google things cause u never get the same answer. Idk I could go on but I'm try to figure out how to figure out why I can't reinstall win7 on my HD. Prolly cause of EFI protection ...
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The Smith Sep 6, 13
Hi Adam,

Are you talking specifically about the ASUS UEFI?

Personally, I am still using that very same board used for this review and have no problem whatsoever. I have both Linux and Windows 7 installed. From a USB key, I can boot Ubuntu and Arch Linux without any fuss, but I haven't tried other distros. The choice of OS is handled by GRUB, which is installed on /dev/sda.

I believe in some pre-built computers, there is a protection against other OSes, called secureboot. As always, you always get less for your money when buying pre-built.
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mazhar abbas Dec 4, 13
new technology difficult for the users.i buy asus computer having H81M-E motherboard and when install windows 7 it doesn,t enter to operating system.and bios r so difficult to understand so i decided to back computer if i couldn,t find solution.any body can guide?
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