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Asus P6X58D-E Review - PAGE 4

- Monday, August 16th, 2010 Like Share

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Scott23 Aug 18, 10
Your pic for the Crysis benchmark is not correct. It shows the previous bench.
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Player1 Aug 18, 10
Thanks for catching that, it should be fixed now.
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Gravity Aug 21, 10
These are no slouch boards and I have the non E version Premium and I've been pretty satisfied with it.
I could easily run on 4400-4500 stable on air all day, though I still tend to like 4.0 gz, I guess I feel it's slow and comfy speed, and never had an issue even when it's about 95F in the room, at least for now till I get bored.

Where does that little fan go or should go that comes with it? I never used mine yet.

The main best difference over the premium is the E series you can raid your SATA 3.0 ports.

Cons: I wish this board came with more Sata ports and I wish that the 1x pcie slot was a 4x slot.

Pros: I don't like IDE or Floppy and this board doesn't waste real estate to these now aging techs.
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