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- Friday, July 31st, 2009 Like Share

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Nu Wa Rocks Dec 30, 09
quote 123doofus123
I've been building computers and setting up networks since 1991, How about you and your experience? These routers seem to have serious problems with Cable modems and the print server, check around the net and see what the comments are before you flip off a reply!
I don't know about you, but I'm finding about 95% of comments about this router to be good. Just because you had a bad experience with Asus (and not with the router) doesn't mean everyone else will experience the same shortfall you did. I've been working with computers since '98 and am a senior system admin at a online retail company. I've been working with all types of products and find that this router is very good especially for the price. is there anything else you want to know about me? It's pretty obvious that you go and brag about your "experience" is just a bunch of bullshit coming out of your mouth.
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Liza29 Dec 30, 09
Thanks so much for this review! This is exactly what I was looking for.
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hayrikki Jan 28, 10
how do you find out what printers are supported on this router? I went to ASUS site and couldn't find the info.
Good review!! if I can find that my printer is compatible with this router I will purchase it.
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123doofus123 Jan 29, 10
Re Nu Wa Rocks, yep you are correct in your own mind maybe, either that or you work for ASUS. Here are some interesting links to Real People's experiences with this unit.
And just for your further information the Print Server is BASIC, no support for multi function or PCL just basic text. I dont have a vested interest either way in this other than the money and time I wasted trying to set this up. One other note if your ISP does not support PPP0E there is no way of by passing this to properly set up your router as there is no other options through their wizard or to manually set up the connection. Do with this what you will
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A. Perez May 25, 10
It supports some of the all in one printers..That includes things like scanning and such...You just have to have a printer that is compatible..On the site they have the list though other printers not on the list have worked just fine..
I do think you got a bad unit or you really hate ASUS and this is your way of getting back at em..
And I have a lot of computer experience being I own and operate a successful computer repair company for over 25 years & to keep my customers happy I have to know about all the new items coming out so I know what works best for them...
I see people like you all the time who blame the equipment when they dont know what they are doing or they think they do and dont bother to read directions..
The router has a lot of stuff it can do so you have to correctly set it up for certain things...The web set up page has MANY options so you have to make sure it is all properly set up (If you read the review the reviewer experienced something of the sort)
As to the FTP and print server together..Yes you can do so. One reviewer on Amazon said you need to first set up the disk drive then set up the printer..
Im assuming..Hub to router..Then disk drive to hub. Set up disk drive..Then plug in printer and set up printer..The only thing is that on the web set up page once both are activated you will only see the printer shown and not the drive but the drive is still there and accessible through FTP.
You cant have 2 printers though..Unfortunatly something having to do with the printer commands and the way they are set..You might end up with the wrong printer trying to execute your command..
The printer list is on the asus site of the router but its pretty easy to miss..It is almost to the bottom of the list and to the left...If I remember right in light blue letters..
This is a great router...And amazing for the price..I know that has it for 53.24 with a 20 dollar rebate and free shipping so its a bargain..Rebate ends at the end of May..Also it doesnt always show the special deal..
I copied the link for it..ITs
But even at 53.00 its a great deal. Go to and read the reviews of the people that bought it..One guy there really tested it out and he wrote about the things it can do..And if you read the comments left by the people who responded to his comment..(About 14 so far) there are a few other things it can do that people discovered..I know for example the FTP can also work when not as a router but I dont remember which of the other 2 modes it works on and how to access it..(Though it wouldnt work for a printer this way)
I expect it to start a trend with other router manufacturers so we will see the who has the most USB ports wars in routers..Good for us since we benefit from it!
It also has an ability to work faster and with more computers hooked into it than most routers and it has a green conservation of power thing..Basically if you stop using your computer or turn it off then the router lowers the power to that port and doesnt keep trying to stay in contact with the computer like most routers do..
Pretty ingenious designs..IT can handle stereo and video and the game units(Info in the reviews at
Ive been checking around on the web and people seem to be getting some great ideas of what you can use this for. More than what I think the people who made it thought it could do..
And I dont work for ASUS (Have even had problems with a couple of their motherboards several years back!) but when a company makes a real great product and Im aware of what it can do I like to share the info..When people have done that its helped me find great products so Im just returning the favor..
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DJob Jul 28, 10
After crawling the web in search of solutions to my RT-N13U woe's I stumbled upon this thread. I have to agree with what 123doofus123 is saying. The unit has issues with cloning mac address which is used by my ISP for authentication reasons. The MAC clone seems to drop out on reboot which leads to a lost connection. This is a major inconvenience. The long feature list really is meaningless with out reliable internet access. Also, my all-in-one printer won't play nice on the USB port. Getting to that conclusion was another series of wasted hours that I will never get back. Thumbs down.
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phillbies Feb 27, 11
I just bought one of these and had no probs connecting to a cable modem. Make sure you reset the modem and have it working then turn on or connect the router. But if you're getting drop outs its from your server or your modem not the router. I am having a problem getting it to read my hard drive though. It worked fine first off, now it sees it but says it's unmounted and I cant access it.
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mario Dec 9, 12
It is hard to setup, it narrrows the band for Utorrent and I can't find how to remove the limitation, I instaled the old router back, this is too complicated , and I am above medium computer users !
Avoid !
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Benedict Dec 9, 12
quote Shadow of Death
my computer has to be on about 90% of the time to DL the torrents I'm after (some are over 50GB), and
That's what a seedbox is for. Sure, they're not exactly cheap, but they're great. And what's even better is you can stream over your seedbox any videos/music you've downloaded! (provided you've got decent internet... what's your internet speed?)

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bobbyg2 Dec 9, 12
^ Yeah, this is the only forum I go to that allows guests to post. This is one of the biggest reasons why the other forums require membership. Reduces on spam, and promotes accountability.
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