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- Thursday, December 27th, 2007 Like Share

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VeGiTAX2 Dec 27, 07
Trying to, it's really odd to see how some of these cards are performing though in tests. Sometimes they come up high, other times the 3850 comes up higher. @_@ hopefully some level of stability can come around for all this.

I'm still interested in the AMD / NVIDIA config files in Crysis, only to see what benefits / caps come out of all this since it could even mean that owners might be able to get some additional engine optimizations out of it all.
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Tweaker Dec 28, 07
Another good Pro-consumer review, thanks again Kspiess for the good read. I wish Amd dropped the price a little more to make the price/performance more relevant to how the 3850/3870 perform unless its driver error where they could actually correct the performance and justify the the near 8800gt price for less than that performance. But they are still great cards for the price just to me the 3850 would be a better buy than the 3870 if strapped on cash then you got the 8800gt which would be the better buy if you saved a couple more clams to put down vs the 3870. Argh to me feels like price bloatation.
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Candle Dec 29, 07
once again i am not impressed, it struggles agaisnt the 8800GTS 320 at times and looses most of the time to the 8800GT 256mb model. Its a 2900XT with a new name and similar preformance practiclly and the 2900XT failed to impress anyone so why should the HD 3870, AMD needs to pull there head out and work on something worthwhile before they launch another disapointment.
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VeGiTAX2 Jan 1, 08
quote Tweaker
Argh to me feels like price bloatation.
Actually it is, it has been since pretty much the launch. The cards are slowly starting to come down right now, some with rebates bringing it below the MSRP while others hang high.

Hopefully the inflation quits being so bothersome and they kick down the prices. With 8800GT's at $241 the 3870 starts to get stiff competition. (Yes I'm talking about the 512 model not the 256, why someone would go for 1/2 the ram is beyond me given how easily these games cap out texture memory now)
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