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- Friday, July 4th, 2008 Like Share

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The Slayer Jul 5, 08
I've been hearing about the Eee laptop for a while, but never bothered to look it up until I read this review.

I noticed that the BIOS shows theres 2 hard drives, and one of them shows up as 4gb. I thought it contained a 12gb SSD? Are there 2 drives in the computer, or was that a glitch in the bios?

As the Atom specially designed for that laptop? I dont recall hearing about it other then for the Eee PC.

That looks like a pretty decent computer, but I couldnt use it as my main computer though. The only time I would like to use that is if I was sitting on a couch watching tv, and just wanted to surf the net or chat with some people. The keyboard would probably cramp my large hands pretty quick (even my 17" HP laptop hurts my hands after a while).
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ByRo Jul 5, 08
The Slayer the other drive that shows up is probably an SDHC Card, you can add those to the EEE as a 2nd HDD for more space.
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Brad Crawford Jul 7, 08
the eeePC contians a 4GB ssd and an 8GB ssd totalling 12GB.
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p meier Jul 8, 08
its the form factor that counts

the main point is:
these small beasts are NOT intended for large hands but for
portability and communications (e.g. for software have also a look at the whole set of so called portable apps that run well on these machines)

and that they are doing well
he same is true for their role as companion for school and

therefore all these complaints about keyboardspace or lacking "gaming power" is ridiculous, to say the least.

furthermore they represent a more than decent substitute for the old winCE handhold pcs at merely triple the price these did cost a few years ago.

additionally is modern multimedia a field where even a lot of existing big notebooks still terribly fail (vista included).

a last point: how could i ever succeed on a celeron 1200 system with only 256 mb memory and win98 / xp?
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yosemit Jul 11, 08
In many of the reviews I have read there is mention of the keyboard, it´s small. But the size of the eee PC 901 is 22,5 cm wide. This means that the keyboard has to be about 5 cm or 2 inches shorter. And one can´t reduce the number of keys?

The small size, weight and price may make this (type of) computer excellent for school-use. When I see my teenage grandchild´s fingers run over the keyboard on the 15" laptop, the reduced keyboard size of the eee PC can´t be a problem. And for the weight: The eee PC 2,43 pounds against 6,3 pounds on the 15" Acer.

I think this review is the best of the about 30 I have read so far about this eeePC 901. And looking forward to get hold of one when its available here i Norway in a couple of weeks. Guess it will be perfect on the road.
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MemeMeme Aug 1, 08
The keyboard is actually not as bad as some seem to think. I'm a fairly large guy, not huge, but well above average, and I was able to touch type quite well after fewer than 5 minutes playing with it the 901 a local computer shop. I certainly wasn't perfect. I was making about one mistake per sentence; however, it only took a few minutes to start feeling comfortable, and I am sure that it would only take me a few days of use to type normally on it.
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