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- Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 Like Share

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calvary1980 Dec 11, 07
I am impressed with this card, this seems to be a more rounded 8800GT but I think with it's $300-400 price range and poor bundle it should be targeted at high resolution gamers would of liked to see the temps on this card to justify the dual slot cooler, you can't help but wonder if the GTX is next for a G92 upgrade.

- Christine
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Tweaker Dec 11, 07
Good read and I love the choice of benchmarks now adays.

Man o man I wish I had more of the hardware itch atm for new parts cause that gts is lookin good...
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Iceguy2003 Dec 11, 07
I'm waiting on the 9-series, myself. That's not saying that I wouldn't love to have an 8800GTS in my system. World in Conflict is a kick ass game. Brings my PC down to 15fps in heavy action.
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kspiess Dec 12, 07
Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated.

I had a few errors in the review that I'm grateful no one seemed to notice! I fixed those up, and also spent many hours today on getting an additional look at the XFX 8800 GTS card as well.

Thanks for the comments on the benches. I'm going to be adding probably 2 more games and I still want to do something to measure video decoding as well.

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MaTr1x38 Dec 18, 07
Nice review m8 I'm thinking of buying one of these factory overclocked ones like the Asus, BFG, XFX or MSI.

But do you have a screenshot of the speeds of the Asus 8800GTS 512MB TOP? Since the core and shader speeds you mention for this card aren't the same as what other sites mention.

Usually the Asus 8800GTS 512MB TOP has these speeds:
Core: 740Mhz
Shaders: 1800Mhz
Memory: 2070Mhz

Compared to your ratings:
Core: 745Mhz
Shaders: 2008Mhz
Memory: 2070Mhz

Sources: driverheaven and hardwarezone.
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kspiess Dec 19, 07
Hrhhmm thats a bit odd. I'll check on this in a cpl of hours and get back to you on that. Thanks for posting...

-=> My shader speeds were WRONG. 1800 is the correct speed. I fixed this in the original review. Sorry for any confusion.

This message was edited by kspiess on Dec 20 2007.
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