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- Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 Like Share

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Shadow of Death Nov 25, 10
How MUCH is it though? I didn't notice a list of prices it is found at, or even just the MRSP?

I could certainly use an upgrade with my headset. I'm currently using $50 (normally $100+ I think, got it on sale) Sony brand earbuds. And my computer's speaker system is just a basic 2.1 el cheapo setup. I'm intrigued about the 'you'll forget it's there (in a good way)' thing. I actually have some wireless bluetooth headphones (Jaybird) that like to squish my ears (so, waste of money on my part). Those are an on the ear design (big mistake, both for the manufacturer and on my part for buying it).

I'm not sure how much I want to spend on around the ear higher/mid range headphones, but if they could significantly improve my enjoyment of my PC games, I'm for it.

BTW: Are there good around the ear headsets that use standard jacks? Right now I have a meh 5.1 surround sound setup on my TV, but in order to use that, I have to play games in the morning/afternoon (I work nights, so on my nights off, I can't really play the TV unless I want to use my earbuds, which is just a bother).

Also, I used to be an around the ear headset guy, because I could never find earbuds that would fit in my ears and stay there XD Then came the advent of those flexible rubber-type tips, and varying sizes no less, so now I can headbang (though I don't, really XD) without them flying out of my ears XD I'm just not entirely satisfied with the bass range on earbuds >_> I do like my high ranges though (my ability to hear high range is much better than low range)
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H_Jager Nov 25, 10
Thanks for your comment.

Listed on the Arctic Sound website, they suggest that the MSRP should be 31.95 EUR or $43.45. This seems reasonable to me for this piece of gear.

I refer to the wearer "forgetting that they are there" because these headphones combine the best of both lightweight construction and padding where it counts. This results in Zero pinch points or pressure points around the headband or the ears. This is further combined with the circumaural design which allows even large ears like I have to fit inside the cup.

As to the improvement of PC games. *Thinks*..... I think that these headphones could improve upon your current sound set up, but seriously Stereo sound is Stereo sound. To get the most bang out of your cash I would suggest trying to find a 5.1 sound headset. Arctic Sound also makes a 5.1 setup that I reviewed here that might be what you are looking for.

And lastly, (this response is longer than I had originally intended ) it is possible to find headphones with 1/8" jacks, but it is getting more and more difficult. I know that my main headphones have both USB and 1//8" (one plugs into the other then plugs into the computer) I would try to find something like that as I LOVE this feature. (plus the USB dongle has a sound card built into it and is still the size of a stick of gum)

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Shadow of Death Nov 26, 10
Well, point me in the direction of your 5.1 review (along with an approx price) and I might get it, assuming I can find it online on a Canadian site or whatever >_>

Thanks for the info, as well.
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