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- Friday, January 19th, 2001 Like Share

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Ether Jan 23, 01
I just wanted to add that several people have emailed me on the review. The primary thing I am getting is that the case is really the exact same case as the Antec KS188.

I am familiar with the KS188, but I haven't had the chance to play with it, so I was totally ignorant of the fact that the KS188 and HQ08 are the one and the same. Shucks.

Oh, and to clarify, all the AOpen H_08 series are the same except for the face plate... so yes the HX08 is the same as the HQ08 except for the front face plate.
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Ether Jan 23, 01
Some other comments I have received:

From Chip Dodge:
I must disagree at least somewhat re case screws, that just ain't such a big deal to me especially with thumbscrews...I don't put the sides on til I'm pretty sure all's well inside. I do agree re access to the side panels...and not having to remove everything in site to get a side panel off and about the pass thru the access between the upper and lower part of the case being too small.
I think I mentioned that with thumbscrews it gets better, but I just thought I would point out that first time case buyers may not have their own thumbscrews yet. An interesting idea was proposed by John Scripter:

The other mod you can do is cut the retainer on the back of the top caver that keeps the side panels from being removed. By doing this and using thumbs screws you can remove the side panel without taking off the top cover.
He had other suggestions too on modifying the case, including boring a hold to the rear side of the ATX I/O panel where he installed a 40mm fan.

SX-830 vs HQ08 (drive bays)
Another common comment is on the drive bays... the total of 7 3.5" internal drive bays seems to be a godsend for some people.

JR writes:
i agree with your cons on the case, but i put up with the minor things for the 7 3.5in drive bays, since i am running 7 scsi hd's, cdr, and cdrw. just make sure you get the case with a 400w ps instead of the 250 or 300 w ps.
Chip Dodger also felt it unfair to even compare the two cases because of the difference in number of drive bays... it definitely pays to have more bays, when you need em!

Thanks to everyone for their input, comments, corrections, etc. I really appreciate all your help and feedback.
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Kent Jan 23, 01
One thing you guys never consider in your reviews are what kind of support do you get if anything should go wrong. I can tell you from personal experience, Antec offers poor support for their products. The sent them four emails over a one month period describing a problem I was having with one of their power supplies...I receive NO replies. I complained in another forum...they they contacted me and evetually offered a free replacement, which they never sent. They're dishonest and offer zero support. Avoid.

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Martin Fæster Dec 6, 02
The cabinet is nice and easy to handle indeed.
The hole-entrance from the lower to the upper bay could have been bigger made, but with the mod-cables bundled as roundwinded this loosens up a bit, also to the airflow.
The transformators fan was very noisy, so i exchanged it with another one.
The last thing as a matter of taste and optimation.. I cut out the ventilationholes on the front to one big hole fitting for a 80mm fan.
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