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- Sunday, January 4th, 2004 Like Share

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1.Introduction and Specifications
2.Features and Installation
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start 89 Jan 7, 04
i got this case about 1 year ago.

one thing to mention: firewire-front-plug is optional. (look aopen-website)
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start 78 Jan 7, 04
messed up my own nick. made me younger...
silly me!
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Redemption Jan 7, 04
What do you think about the case in general? I find the exterior black finish to be very high quality, and AOpen's been getting better and better with their bezels. Overall a good sign of things to come too .
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SMG Oct 14, 05
I know 2 people hew have this case and the are very happy with the design but the airflow sucks.
They both have the max of coolers inside and one of them has to open his case to place a ventilator pointed at the cpu and mainbord otherwise the cpu and the mainbord will produce to much temperature.
Unhappy customers!!!
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