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- Thursday, March 22nd, 2001 Like Share

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Michael M. Mar 23, 01
Does anyone know which drive is better... the 2 choices i have are the AOPEN one stated above... and the LG 12x8x32 which has an 8mb buffer but no antibuffer underrun technology.... plz email me with any replies as i will probably forget about this post and not check back here
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Isaac Sibson Mar 30, 01
I have just bought this drive, and it's GREAT. It writes CDs very quickly, and the just-link is great too. I ran it for a few days in a K6-2 366 with 64MB, and got it to write an audio CD from some mp3s, and I got 24 buffer underruns. The disc works fine, as just-link did its job beautifully. I've burned normal data discs without a single problem, and I made a 548MB disc in 5 mins 5secs, including finalising the disc and everything. That gives an average transfer rate of 1.796 MB/s, which is VERY close to 12X (1.8MB/s). Taking the lead-in and lead-out into account, the drive is probably exceeding 12X in real use. The same job would have taken 20mins on my friend's 16x4x4x SCSI CD-RW. I can't recommend this drive highly enough.
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dgrant Mar 30, 01
It's good to hear this drives performs as well in the real world as it does in our testing. I'd definitely recommend this drive to friends / family, you name it.
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IdoNotLikeAopen May 27, 01
While Nero works fine, I did not manage to format CDRW with InCD at all: the enclosed RW failed on 7th minute, the Maxell RW - on 22nd, both with the same error "Drive not ready". AOpen support reply was "dunno".
DirectCD does not recognize my AOpen, though their Web site states is has to.
Since my primary use of RW is backup, I am going to return this AOpen and forget this brand.
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dgrant May 28, 01
Are you using the version of DirectCD that came with the drive? If not, then you probably have to download an update, b/c the drive worked fine for under the conditions you describe.
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