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AOpen AX4B 533 Tube Motherboard Review - PAGE 4

, Peter Judson
- Thursday, November 14th, 2002
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Dustin Oct 7, 12
I personally hook my laptop up to my Wollensak T-1500 portable tube powered Reel-To-Reel deck. Dual 12AB5 power tubes with a 12AT7 and 7025. Crisp, yet rich sound.
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003_2 Jun 11, 06
quote Redemption
But then woudn't your audio already have been preamplified by (possibly cheap) solid state components on the motherboard?
No, not if you have a sound card with a standard line-out. A line out by itself it not amplified, so if your sound card has a true line out, you will need an external amp to get sound from it.

Like myself. I have the ESI Juli@ sound card (which has a very good DAC, the same as the M-Audio Audiophile 192) which has a standard un-amped line out. I have a [url=http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wooaudio3.html]WooAudio 3[/url] tube headphone amp hooked up to it powering the Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

The sound is amazing.
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ShatteredMInd Mar 10, 04
Hey guys no offence however you all sound like simpletons and none of you sound like you know your ass from your elbow. I am sure that if a doctor gave you all a anal cavity search they would find your heads.. Hence the dirty brown ring around your foreheads.. You guys must be a gang of 11 year olds that lack in knolage of audio. The purpose of why Aopen created this board is quite simple and they in fact succeeded. Water dripping on tube integrated motherboards are a bad combo lol like how dumb are you guys really.. Get a life.

Your Friendly No Bullshit Guest
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dsarser Apr 12, 03
Upon what authority do you base your comment that tubes have more harmonic distortion than transistors?
David Sarser
Otherwise, I enjoyed your review.
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Redemption Nov 18, 02
Why would someone who has a waterblock not have integrated audio in his mobo? Almost all the current mobos come very cheap with integrated audio, and most of them have decent quality (though some really really don't sound too impressive).

One thing we never tested was how things would sound in 5.1 audio, so that is definitely a valid concern.

I wonder... if watercooling is so quiet that it would actually benefit the Tube sound. I found the fans in our PSU and case sort of distracting while testing out the board.
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Gxcad Nov 18, 02
I think a waterblock leaking is a problem on ANY motherboard and not something most overclockers or enthusiasts do purposely, so thats not really a valid concern;). Water and LOW voltage do not mix well either:D. Besides, anyone who has a waterblock in their system is probably not going to buy a mobo with integrated sound, although thats completely a wild guess. I personally would not and I consider myself a enthusiast:).

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Guests Nov 18, 02

What I Know Of Valve Amps is That They Need 2 tubes and a Transformer for Each Audio Chanel

So 1 Tube for 5.1 sound ?????

That does not sound good to me........

And What Wood happen if You had a
Water Block Leaking on the M/B

Hi Voltage and water DONT MIX!!!!!!

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Redemption Nov 16, 02
My thinking is that the AX4B-533 Tube is more targetted at a specific niche; those people who do have some desire for Tube sound, without actually being a full blown audiophile or hardcore enthusiast (most of whom might already have their computers hooked up like you do).

At around $200US, it's definitely a cheaper way to get the basics of Tube sound. The only other option is to pay try and find a $100 mobo with relatively good integrated sound, and then pass it through to the cheapest external tube component that you can find. But then woudn't your audio already have been preamplified by (possibly cheap) solid state components on the motherboard?
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russofris Nov 15, 02
While I agree that tube amplifiers produce superior audio, I have to question AOpen as to their dicision for putting a tube preamp on the board. The same effect can be achieved by using a stock sound card plugged into an external tube preamp (anywhere from $100 - $1000).

I currently have my system plugged into a modifies Packard Bell PB-51 tube stereo (Both preamp and poweramp). Sounds beautiful.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo
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