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- Tuesday, July 17th, 2001 Like Share

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JA Jul 17, 01
Where Can I order one?
I have been looking for a sound card with an optical out (for mini-disc recording.
Any idea on the price?
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Entity Jul 18, 01
I believe the prices is around $60US. Try MixPC, they sell the Pro, but they don't list the Deluxe.. try contacting them to see if they can order it for you.
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JSP Jul 22, 01
I think it is so new that dealers don't have it. I'm going to give it a week or 2. I need a sound card too. I just upgraded to Win 2000 and my old SB AWE64 ISA won't work any more. The Aw744 Deluxe sounds great and the price is too. I also like the Abit AU10. I wish I had the dough for a S.B. Platinum 5.1 live.
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Okigire Dec 30, 01
...hmm, okay this reply is a little slow, but here it is anyway!

The difference between PRO and DELUXE is the digital in. For me, it only costed about US$4 more to get the Deluxe. I got my card back in July 2001 and my local computer shop easily ordered it in for me (took 2 days).

I bought this card for and equivalent of US$35... you can order it online for $30 (and probably less, by now). Zoltrix has competing cards but I looked around and asked a and seemed that there are minor issues with Zoltrix, I stuck with AOpen since I know they produce good, solid products.
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