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Antec SX830 Full Tower Case Review - PAGE 2

- Tuesday, November 28th, 2000 Like Share

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2.The Case's Fans & Final Thoughts
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Volker Kleinschmidt Feb 19, 01
Space right and space left, but at 3/0 5.25" bays and 2/3
3.5" bays this is a well-sized MID-tower, not a full tower.
This may be a great quality case with a lot of wonderful features,
but for someone looking for a full tower it just doesn't have
enough expansion space. And sleeve-bearing fans? Phew!
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Samson Feb 20, 01
What's wrong with sleave-bearing fans?
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JeremyR Aug 5, 02
Yeah, I have this case, NO case beats it, and the fans are just the EXACT same as all the rest of them out there.
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