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- Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 Like Share

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VeGiTAX2 May 5, 11
Forum ate my original post.

Still skeptical about the set, they were asking 250 for this originally and now 130? Kind of have to wonder what happened along the way there.

Also were there individual tests run on the speakers to test what frequnecy responses were there? Antec seems to have generalized most of that fact sheet. No RMS ratings on the system or the 150 is the RMS and there's no peak power? The whole thing is pretty messy but at least it's known what size drivers are in there too.

For what it is it's not terrible but I might still side with the MX6021 over it because you get the larger midrange and a dedicated tweeter for around the same price. Plus at least you get a full spec sheet out of the gate :/

Would like to see tests one day to tell what the sub and satellites are doing for frequency response, really doubting they actually are all producing genuine sound at 10Hz Most of these sets wobble around and fall into their range around 30-38Hz for the low end unless they're old school and using 8-10" subs haha.