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AMK Lian Li PC-67 Aluminum Case Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, December 21st, 2001 Like Share

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Gxcad Dec 24, 01
Well, I've always liked Lian Li's Mid towers, I just wish they used 120mm fans instead of 80mm. IMO, the PC62 is my case of choice atm, if I were buying a case. Do you think its moddable to fit 120mm fans in the front and rear?

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fat_d Jan 30, 02
sweet case I WANT ONE!!!! but the price is way too high and it doesn't even come with a power supply
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tete Feb 5, 02
I believe ACP Marketing Inc. is the only distrubtor in Canada and selling in Canada too. I checked it from LianLi from Twain!

So my question is did AMK paid noeseeker to write this review? How about other review then?

Here is the address and website
ACP Marketing Inc.
#120-13751 Mayfield Place
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6V 2G9

They sell all LianLi product

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fat_d Feb 6, 02
toooooooooo expensive.. almost 300$ cdn

its like having paradise in front of you and
you can't be part of it

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Redemption Feb 6, 02
Hey Gxcad...

I dunno if the mods would work well on teh front. The back might have room, but it won't look nice unless you cut out a sort of blowhole.

I think people are better off getting a bay cooler and maybe a slot cooler.

Good cases are damned expensive for canadians .
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Gxcad Feb 7, 02
Hey redemp! Good to see ya active somewhere on the forums once in a while;) $300can = $200 US...yea quite pricey but thats how much lian li's have always cost...but recently I have seen a store than sold the PC60 for $125+ship...it was somewhere on the anandtech forums if anybody is willing to scrounge around there. As for the Lian li 80mm's vs my FS020 120mm, maybe the aluminum's cooling properties will make up for the extra cfm thats missing? Thanx for commenting on the 120mm mod, and nice work on the forums.

c'ya around,

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Redemption Feb 14, 02
Hey Gxcad; it's nice to have some time to check out the forums once in a while. aside from running the site, I do sort of enjoy computers as a hobby hehe .

I think the aluminum really helps. When working on our rackmount servers I totally notice a heat dissipation effect with the aluminum cases - the heat is totally transferred through the case.

You gotta admit the lightness of the metal is also quite a plus^_^.

This message was edited by Redemption on Feb 14 2002.
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