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- Thursday, December 13th, 2001 Like Share

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cmaMath Feb 13, 02
I have a couple of questions/comments. First of all, I notice in the article that it says you AMD XP does NOT support SSE (WCPUID). Why?

Also, I have been getting some "flack" from some guys on another forum saying that I am an idiot for running an XP1900+ on my Asus A7V133. They say that PC133 doesn't give enough bandwidth for the XP. What are you thoughts on that comment?

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cmaMath Feb 16, 02
Ok, I have questions posted. How about a response.
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Merlin_ May 2, 02
The XP should be run on a 266system for best performance, personally I run two MP1900+ on my ASUS A7M266-D.
The XP is built for a FSB of 266MHz - communicating with DDR PC2100 or PC1600 DIMM memory modules with a bandwidth is 1,6 - 2,1 GHz, whilst running it on a 133 motherboard - featuring 133MHz SDRAM with 1,1GB bandwidth, it will have to double the internal clock in order to keep it's announced clock speed.
I do not believe you will ever reach 1600MHz in your system.
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Markass_ Sep 30, 02
Do you happen to remember what revision of the motherboard you used on this test? FIC states that only revision 2.x will support Athlon XP processors, but I have been unable to find any other information on this and noticed your review used the FIC AZ11EA motherboard.

Thank you for your help.
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Entity Sep 30, 02
Yes I believe this was a revision 2 board that we tested the 1800 on.
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