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- Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Like Share

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dvrocc May 11, 14
These APU's are amazing & like you mention these are perfect for laptops & tablets saving a lot more cash for the consumer & the manufacture then previous years, if you think about it its a great buy for the business who is pressed for space or cramped into small work areas, you can get super slim PC cases or even small cubes and have a really powerful system for the work environment, its a win - win for every body.

I don't have the 5350 APU but i do have the A10-7850 x4 BE APU and for being integrated its a whole lot more powerful then you think it pulled 43fps on medium settings on Tomb Raider Survival Edition benchmark and that has to say something about its performance level, i mean the integrated solutions of the past you were lucky to have 15fps on the lowest settings on a really low resolution so the 5350 APU is going to be serious over kill for a tablet.

Also, I still say & my gut is telling me that AMD is going to pull something out of the hat and it wont be a wabbit, its going to be something that will link the APU into crossfire somehow or have the ability to enhance what hardware you already have, I mean I have the Radeon R7 250 and its dual graphics ready, it plays batman arkham city on ultra settings Dx11 at 32fps so its already powerful and i can't imagine linking the 7850 APU into the mix.
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kyfire May 11, 14
Yea, AMD is putting alot of stock into their APUs with more new innovations coming over the next 2 years. Later this year we should see the new Beema APU with Puma cores released. And in 2015 they're planing on releasing the Project Skybridge family of X86/Arm 20nm chips.
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