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AMD A10-7850K, MSI R7 250 OC, MSI A88XM Gaming Review - PAGE 1

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dvrocc May 24, 14
I can verify that the AMD A10-7850 APU is a force to be reckoned and like you mentioned it isn't wildly know yet but it can defiantly hold its own. It runs fairly cool and easily overclocks from 3.7 to 4.1ghz on the stock air cooled fan, it really depends on the motherboard you add this APU with, I mean if you get a super cheap board you may be holding back its true potential so its best to put some extra brain power into this and look ahead so you can upgrade later down the road instead of having to go with all new hardware.

Now you went with a MSI Radeon R7 250 & it is true that the "Oland" core is the only one that supports dual graphics & this includes the OC versions, the the R7 250X does NOT support dual graphics just to clarify!, I may be wrong here but i think some of the R7 240s are also Oland cores and there is a few reviews out there showing benchmarks and what not so only time will tell atm.

I have the Gigabyte Radeon R7 250 2gb GDDR5 version, yes the 2GB GDDR5 not the GDDR3 version which is really slower and less then 3/4 of the memory bandwidth meaning the GDDR3 version is 12gb memory bandwidth while the GDDR5 is 73gb memory bandwidth and its like $8 more for the GDDR5 version, which would you go for?

With this APU & the R7 250 I am able to run Thief (the new game) on a mix of normal & high settings and it pulls 55+ fps so that is a plus for me.

Now if i can just get that dam dual graphics to work which both my motherboard, APU & GPU all supported, i am unable to enable or disable it in the "Catalyst Control Center" because no options for it show up but yet when I have the Gigabyte driver install running the R7 250 and the driver from "microsoft updates" for the 7850 APU the dual graphics is enabled but can't be changed so its really confusing the crap out of me.