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AMD FX 8370 & FX 8370E Review - PAGE 1

- Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 Like Share

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Solodolo Sep 2, 14
Nice review! Its good to see AMD lowering the power demands down a bit. However, for most budget gamers $30 can be important so they may stick with the AMD Fx 8350 as the performance really is not that much greater. However, with a lower power drain the 8370 should be able to overclock higher and more stable.

I would really have liked to see a 2015 update to steamroller. While I dont have an AMD processor I do own stocks in the company and love to see them succeed. Hopefully AMD will be able to take the fight directly to Intel soon and make us finally have a real showdown. Not just for gaming! But for the work space also.
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marketable Sep 2, 14
Wow, sounds cool. Guys from AMD are really doing a very nice job!
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SlugJones Sep 3, 14
Love my 8320. Can it keep up per core with Intels similar offering? Nope. But for the price, it has never been the bottleneck on my gaming rig. (Minus poorly optimized games like arma 3) I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat if my budget wouldn't allow an intel i7 at the time
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ashantiqua Sep 3, 14
coming from a strictly gaming perspective: sa'right sa'right, suppose.

single core performance is still king, it seems. 8 cores? 12 cores? 8000 cores? who cares. if the game doesnt thread properly (almost none do; most games use a single main thread w/ a few extra for peripheral crap) extra cores are meaningless.

take metro 2033 w/ the 9590 vs the 8370E @ high settings @ 1080p (1080p lol). its a difference of ~3.4%, i.e. the 9590 is only 3.4% faster than the 8370E.

is a 9590 3.4% more expensive than a 8370E? nope. its waaaay more expensive, so for gamers that good.

what about DiRT? well neoseeker didnt specify the resolution, which makes all the difference (cmon neoseeker, enough of this amateur hour).

next gen games are upon us, backed by consoles with 8 threads - gives developers reason enough to multithread. once multithreading is done effectively and consistently, CPUs like these will matter. but until then...

ps sorry, vodka...
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kyfire Sep 9, 14
Well, if there was any doubt about the overclock-ability of the FX 8370....doubt no more! The Stilt has set a world record of 8722MHz with one under LN2.
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