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- Tuesday, July 31st, 2001 Like Share

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theears Jul 31, 01
I got a set of these at home for testing.The ATP5 have a huge and fatal flaw,the bass even at the minimum setting is overpowering the sats.

Even when placed in room the bass BOOMS and is very undefined,many band pass subs(bass modules)sound better!
The first unit I has was returned,iI said to myself"this garbage must be defective".I had to lower the bass in Windows!

The rest of the spectrum would earn a passing note if not for the terrible sub.Why did Altec Lansing screw the job so bad?The Altec Lansing ACS48 sounded much better,and the sub had some definition and wend well lower!With the same 40W RMS rating!

The ACS48 uses a toroid transformer and better amplification in a ported box.The result is way better definition and overall sound quality.

Altec should revise the sub/amp module and make corrections.
As it is the ATP3 sounds way better overall!

A real shame

TheEAR(s) Now theears
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RealyPssd Dec 12, 01
I'm thinking of getting a new sound card and speakers.

I'm going to get the Audigy Gamer, and am deciding between the Inspire 5.1 5300, DTT 2200, FPS2000 Digital, Logitech Xtrusio and the ATP5.

Which would you say would be the best of those? They'll mainly be used for gaming and music, with the occiasional movie.

Please don't suggest any others, that's all that is available around where I live, plus those are all I can afford right now.

Thank You
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Moots Dec 13, 01
Just out of interest, where abouts are you?
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armando Feb 23, 16
Where i can buy it ?
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