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- Thursday, August 12th, 2010 Like Share

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hiigaran Aug 13, 10
its a pity you didnt have the first fenrir either, but either way, im appalled at the lack of improvement. wow, paint job and an improved fan - many people like to replace those fans anyway. i hope this was a loaner, and you guys didnt pay for it.
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Trafalgar Aug 14, 10
Well I don't think the intention was to produce something particularly new, more a fresh outlook on the original. Nobody is going to upgrade their existing Titan to one of these; that's not the point... just like their Christmas Special Edition Fenrir (as far as I know, it added nothing other than a red and black paint-job and slightly improved Thermal Paste) or the Titan Fenrir V2, which added nothing other than LGA1156 support.

However, I'm gutted that I've heard about this just days after buying their original design. They're retailing at the same price as the original for precisely the reasons mentioned above.
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duneworld Aug 14, 10
Maybe it's just that it should be called the Titan Fenrir Rev D.
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