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- Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 Like Share

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Mergatroid Nov 6, 12
I just purchased one of these. I didn't purchase it because other methods of testing are expensive. Some of them actually cost less. For example, any multimeter (VOM) can easily test these voltages, and you can often get an accurate one for just $10.

I bought this for the convenience. Trying to hit the correct spots in the 24 pin connector while measuring a PSU is a pain. Holding the molex or SATA power connectors while trying to insert two meter probes is also a pain. It's much easier to unplug the connectors, plug them into the tester and turn it on for a basic single test that tests everything.

It's also nice that you don't have to have an unloaded PSU on a bench, and be forced to find drives and/or boards to load the PUS for an accurate test. Many PSUs will measure fine until they are loaded.

It would have been nice if the manual didn't keep talking about separate power and mode switches. There is only one switch on the device, and it's labeled with the universal symbol for a power button. Time to update that manual.