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- Monday, April 16th, 2012 Like Share

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PureOCJim Apr 19, 12
You guys have a typo in the review:

Sapphire Pure Black X58:

The Sapphire PURE Black 58 did an excellent job overclocking our Intel Core i7 3960x processor. In our labs we were able to easily increase the CPU's frequency to its threshold of 4.75GHz with the voltage set at 1.375V. The PURE Black also did reasonably well when it came to adjusting the bclock, but since most overclocking is done via the multiplier only a fraction of the total overclock was done through bclock adjustment.

Memory didn't fare as well as the CPU clocks though. The X79N motherboard we were sent was extremely picky with memory when pushed above 2000MHz. In fact it was nearly impossible to get memory to remain stable at 2133MHz, regardless of the voltage or timings used. This is most likely a BIOS issue and should be corrected through a simple BIOS update. However, we are currently using the latest BIOS available for the X79N, so a fix isn't yet readily available.

The X58 should be X79 no?

IMO $500 is way off for pricing. ASUS ROG boards are cheaper with much more to offer.

BTW, The multi caps at 48 on this board and that is bogus too.
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stijn Oct 17, 12
this is actually one of the worst x79 boards, i expected more of sapphire as a fan of their gpu's. if you build a x79 based system go for the asus p9x79 pro or higher, you'll get a lot more for your money
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ashantiqua Oct 17, 12
$500 for a mobo? ...maybe if it supported 2x i7s... maybe
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