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- Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Like Share

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Iceguy2003 Jun 4, 13
We need comparisons Like to the MSI 7850 OC and other ASUS models. Otherwise, thumbs up.

EDIT: I just purchased this exact card, btw, a couple days ago. Should be here by Monday. Should be a nice upgrade from my HD4870. 7-series should be so much more improvement with my Q6600 @ 3.43ghz and a FSB of around 1700mhz, lol. We'll see which bottlenecks which.

I went with it over the GTX570 because of price and wow, look at the temps and power consumption. What? 7850 OC eating 218w while the GTX570, performing nearly the same, eating 100 extra watts of power. I do miss the fact that I don't have PhysX or CUDA. But, it's still a monster and uses MUCH less power while eating games alive.

I have a 650w TX Corsair, single 12v 56a rail. Geez, I'd say it'd actually get warm with a GTX 570 in it.
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FrizzleDizle Feb 4, 13
This card can get past 1050mhz core and you can adjust the voltage as well. You have to use Sapphire Trixx to do so.

I have OC this card to 1200Mhz core and 1300 memory on stock voltage.
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elkatarro Apr 18, 12
Given the rig you test the cards on there is something seriously wrong with your Heaven results unless you publish the min FPS instead of average.

My system nets 44 average FPS on Phenom II X4 @ 3,8 GHz @ 2,4 NB with 8 GB DDR 1600 mem and GTX 460 clocked 880/4200.

Here are my results: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69158998/unigine.html
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