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Patriot Pyro SE 120GB & 240GB SSD Review - PAGE 9

- Monday, January 9th, 2012 Like Share

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Shadow of Death Jan 10, 12
Sexy stuff there. Huge improvement over my OCZ Vertex2 (I got a grand total score of 302 with that). The Sequential Read speeds are crazy eh? Just a BIIIIIIIT more and it would have broken what could be called the fabled 1GB/s speeds >_> Mine were a paltry ~195MB/s.

The 4K test seems it's pretty consistent across all SSDs (including my own) to the point that it seems nearly pointless to perform...Hell, my 4K write speed is listed as beating the Raid0-ed (and even the 240GB SE, sans RAID0).

What I'm really shocked on is how much write speeds have improved over the last several years. It seems pretty recently that one of the big problems with SSDs compared to HDDs is write speed, but it seems like the better SSDs on the market are beating conventional HDDs by a wide margin. My OCZ Vertex2 can't beat my 7200RPM HDD for sequential write speeds however (the read speeds are a good 30% higher though). Totally destroys the 4K write speeds though (about 50MB/s versus 1.2MB/s. Though those numbers seem very wonky to me.).

However, putting aside the obvious $/GB issue with SSDs, isn't one of the big problems with SSDs the total number of writes before they start failing? HDDs have a big advantage there, last I checked?

Not sure about operational time either. Don't HDDs have operational times in the millions of hours?