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- Monday, May 23rd, 2011 Like Share

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Shadow of Death May 31, 11
@@leochan - Seems like it's a great mouse for small handed gamers (like women and younger teens/kids).

Looks like it has a solid feature set too, which is nice. Topping at 1600DPI isn't so bad, I have a 5600 DPI mouse but I don't go anywhere NEAR that setting, rather I find 1800DPI to be good, so 1600 DPI should be perfectly adequate for all but the more discerning sort (or maybe those with very high resolution displays, like multi-monitor setups).

My hands aren't particularly big, but I doubt a small form factor mouse would suit me XD My Razer Lachesis is my sort of mouse (simple amount of style, and boasts a good feature set). Not that it matters to me, but the Lachesis is also a dual-handed mouse (symmetrical shape and button layout).

Seems like the Avatar (Non-S model) would have been a good mouse for me too though.
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Supernova1332 Jun 2, 11
Seems like a decent little mouse. Like the design, although the color scheme isn't quite for me.

The high dpi's would barely even be useful for a 5 monitor eyefinity setup, I think you'd need either the 12 or 24 monitor setup to come close to needing 5600dpi. Although the high dpi does wonders for accuracy at standard resolutions.

And I definitely feel ya on the lachesis, I have one also It's simple but quite a wonderful mouse. A little odd to get used to at first but well worth it.
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